The last breath of winter

Brrrrr. Crisp, blue and snowy was this gorgeous late February day. Spring will come.. πŸ™‚
However before it cracks open, it seems tummy bugs, coughs and colds are in the mix. I’ve posted a little first aid remedy table below. Feel free to message/email if you would like any advice and for any recurring problems I’m always @gracelandsyard.

– Colds that occur suddenly from cold, dry weather or cold winds, better in open air, worse at night, in warm room or in cold air.
Allium cepa – Colds from cold, damp weather with acrid nasal discharge, better in open or cold air and worse in a warm room.
Arsenicum album – Colds with sneezing and burning of mucus membranes, better from heat and worse from cold or wet weather.
Euphrasia – Colds with much thin bland mucous, better for coffee, worse in warm air and in the evening.
Gelsemium – Acute colds with thin acrid discharge, better for open air, worse for damp weather or before a thunderstorm.
Kali bich – Chronic colds with thick, ropy, greenish-yellow discharges better for heat and worse in the morning.
Nat mur – Colds associated with much thin, watery discharge which begins with sneezing, better for open air, worse for heat.
Quillaya – For the first stages of a cold associated with a sore, dry throat.

Aconitum napellus – Coughs that occur after exposure to cold and dry cold winds, better in open air, worse at night, in a warm room or in cold air.
Belladonna – Dry ticklish cough worse at night and when lying down.
Drosera – Whooping cough and other spasmodic coughs that end in gagging or retching, worse for lying down.
Ipecacuanha – Incessant, violent, rattling cough that fails to produce sputum, worse from lying down.
Pulsatilla – Coughs that are dry at night, but loose in the morning, producing large volumes of sputum, are better from open air and cold, and worse for warmth.
Rumex crispus – Dry, ticklish cough which is worse in the evening and from inhaling cold air.
Sticta pulmonaria – Dry cough that is worse on inspiration, and worse for sudden changes of temperature.

Agnus castus – Depression with debility and a feeling of impending doom.
Ammonium carb – Depression with weeping, better in dry weather, worse in the evening and from cold, wet weather.
Aurum met – Suicidal depression which is worse in cold weather.
Causticum – Chronic depression that is better for warmth and worse for cold dry winds, evenings, and a change of weather.
Helonias dioica – Deep depression with irritability, better when for mental activity and worse for fatigue, motion or touch.
Ignatia – Depression with mood swings, worse from consolation.
Natrum mur – Depression with loneliness and introversion, worse for consolation. Phosphoric acid– Depression with weakness and apathy, better for warmth and worse from cold.
Plumbum – Depression with weakness or loss of memory, worse at night and worse for physical or mental exertion.
Sepia – Deep depression and indifference to loved ones, better for exercise and warmth, worse in the morning, evening and before thunderstorms.

Anas barbariae – In the early stages of influenza, use 200C every 3 hours for up to 4 doses.
Arsenicum album – Influenza with exhaustion, better from heat and worse from cold or wet weather.
Baptisia tinctoria – Influenza with sore throat, fatigue and aching muscles, worse from open air and cold winds
Belladonna – Influenza of sudden onset with sore, dry throat, better for rest and worse for draughts.
Bryonia – Influenza with dry throat and excessive thirst, better for cold and worse for coughing or deep breathing.
Eupatorium perfoliatum – Influenza with pains in muscles or bones.
Ferrum phosphoricum – Useful in the initial stages of influenza, better for lying down and worse for cold air.
Gelsemium – Influenza with profound weakness, better for open air, worse for damp weather or before a thunderstorm. Also for ailments from influenza.
Rhus tox – Influenza with stiffness of muscles and joints, better for warmth, worse during rest, cold or rainy weather.

…. watching for Spring!

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