I took my teenager to see Miranda as she was having trouble sleeping. With her gentle manner and soothing advice, she gained the confidence of my daughter immediately so getting to the crux of the problem was so much easier. The remedies she prescribed had an instant impact and we regularly go back as the need arises.

Sally: company director



I have worked, homeopathically speaking, with Miranda for about 18 months.  I originally went to her because I have arthritis and was looking for some help with that, but what I discovered was that I wasn’t quite as comfortable with myself as I had thought I was.  I think she has helped to bring about some profound changes in my being – I’m happier with my life and my situation than ever before.


My 8 year old daughter and I have been patients of Miranda’s for the last 4 years; I adore my sessions with her and find her to be an incredible non-judgmental, insightful listener, very observant and an amazing homeopath. I no longer visit my GP, and have made Miranda my first port of call if either of us are feeling unwell.  Since being treated by Miranda with homeopathy for long-term chronic conditions I have noticed a change in my mood and that my level of health has positively increased, I no longer suffer in the way I did when I was receiving treatment from my GP.

I am amazed at the positive changes and feel that my health has undergone a transformation; needless to say I regularly refer both clients and friends to Miranda. I have been so inspired by Miranda that after a gentle push I have gone on to do a degree in homeopathy myself. Thank you Miranda!

L. Moores: psychotherapist & life coach



Having heard Miranda talking about homeopathy several years ago, her compassionate understanding of wellbeing and her insight into homeopathy as a medicine for enabling profound healing made a deep impression on me. I wanted to learn more from working alongside a practitioner who enabled shifts to happen in seemingly magical ways. Miranda brings her remarkable personal qualities to her supervision. Her quality of remaining a non-judgmental listener, who can sympathise with every person’s pain or Achilles heel, is humbling. She is outstandingly observant, with an unerring instinct to hone in on the most crucial aspect of a case – and her work with constellations therapy adds a deeper dimension of unseen dynamics to her insights.

Carolyn Burdet: homeopath


I have been seeing Miranda for almost 2.5 years now, and she has helped me through one of the most difficult periods of my life when my world had turned upside down and I was in a very fragile and emotional state. With her inner wisdom, empathy, kindness and vast knowledge of her field and of the remedies I have felt very supported and in good hands at times of crisis when I felt very vulnerable and under great stress. But after each session (sometimes even via Skype, as I live abroad) and after taking the prescribed remedies, I saw a definite improvement in my condition; emotional, physical, mental and spiritual and felt much stronger, clearer of my path and intentions, and happier as I move closer to my essence and truth. I feel Miranda is helping me to understand myself, my purpose, gain confidence to make difficult decisions and remove any blocks in my life and inside me that are preventing me from being happy and at peace with myself and with others.

Anita Fernandes (Australia, France, Spain)