what to expect

During the first treatment a full health history is taken. This includes the reason(s) you are seeking homeopathic medicine; how long you have had this particular condition; when it started; how it feels; what makes it better and worse.

We will then go onto a detailed exploration of your health history, illness, operations, traumas and griefs. We will look at the health patterns of your relatives, your eating habits, sleeping habits, the causes of stress in your life. The more time and attention you can spend on yourself prior to the session, and therefore the more we can discuss within the session, the more chance we have of finding the correct remedy for you – one that stimulates a profound healing.

After taking a remedy you may feel an increase in your energy, as your immune system is lifted and the healing process begins.

I usually recommend you visit every four weeks for at least four months, although one session is better then none. Some improvement is often seen after the first session and the first remedy is taken. Generally, though not always, the longer a patient has been suffering with a condition the longer the treatment may take to bring about wellness.


An initial treatment takes at least an hour, sometimes longer; follow-ups will take up to an hour. A consultation costs £90 for an adult; £90 for a parent with a child under 4 years old; £50 for children under sixteen; concessions available.

cancellation policy

Please cancel all appointments with at least 24 hours notice. Cancellations at shorter notice will incur a cancellation charge of 100% of the price of your appointment.