About me

In my early twenties, after the loss of my father, I suffered psoriasis from neck to toe, and insomnia. After much relief from acupuncture, it was my first visit to the homeopath that was to enable me finally to completely clear both of these distressing states. What was this little white pill that had brought me such profound healing so quickly?

Two weeks later, having previously known nothing of homeopathy, I was studying to become a homeopath at The College of Homeopathic Education; I have now been working as a homeopath since 2003. I also work as a supervisor for students completing their homeopathic education, and in their first years of practice.

I continue to see a magical and immediate response to remedies, with the healing of some chronic conditions happening literally overnight; equally, and more often, it can take a few visits. It is my belief that the manifestation of most illness is the expression of an internal imbalance.

Homeopathy is also a wonderful way to release the patterns that hold us stuck, whether from trauma, habitual behaviour, received beliefs or patterning from our parents before us. Homeopathy can bring to the surface our unconscious patterns and gently enable us to explore and release them.

I am also a psychotherapist. Please take a look at my therapy website here if you think you might be interested.